Global Life Sciences just Pre-Launched in USA 10-17... Ground Floor!

Announcing our one of a kind, Patent Pending, Water Soluble,
TUNE™ Liquid Concentrate, "Full Spectrum Hemp Extract".

Every batch of our amazing proven product is Lab Tested and Certified!

Our product is about 1/2 the price of any competition, with far superior results!

Our product has a 4 X greater absorption! Verified by clinical studies!

Our products are created by one of the top scientists in the world!

Our Chief Scientific Officer currently holds over 81 Patents!



Eric Kuhrts, is a world class scientist, who brings a wealth of knowledge to our company. President of numerous pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and diagnostic companies, and is the inventor of numerous patents and innovative product technologies. Currently, Eric has over 81 patents listed in the worldwide database of patents, the World Intellectual Property Organization. His experience also includes a full working knowledge of the networking industry.

Eric put his heart and soul into creating our unique Patent Pending, Water Soluble, TUNE™ Liquid Concentrate, "Full Spectrum Hemp Extract" product, that we are launching with. He knew it could impact millions of lives for the better! Our next product, slated to come out in late November, will be our TUNE Elixir™ beverage. Over time, Eric will be creating a whole line of amazing proprietary products for us to market!

One of the products Eric created years ago, generated over $180 million dollars in annual revenue, with cumulative sales of over $2 billion over a 10 year period, making it one of the biggest selling products ever, in the dietary supplement industry.



Global Life Sciences (GLS) core product, TUNE™, contains a state of the art all natural, proprietary, water-soluble formulation (ActiVeda™) with only the highest quality of natural ingredients. TUNE™ is part of GLS' iOS (internal Operating Systems) DNA of products, that are specifically and scientifically designed to support the different internal systems of our wonderfully designed bodies. The full spectrum hemp within the TUNE™ liquid concentrate is extracted using Subcritical and Supercritical technology, this proprietary formulation represents a superior solution to the many challenges associated with developing a pharmaceutical grade dosage of Phyto-Cannabidiod (without THC). Many report they start feeling our TUNE™ just minutes after taking it.


Our Patent Pending, Water Soluble, TUNE™ Liquid Concentrate, "Full Spectrum Hemp Extract",

is All Natural, Gluten Free, Alcohol Free, Glycerin Free, Vegan, and is Non GMO!


Special Call: With our Scientist, and Co-Founder, Mr. Eric Kuhrts. Eric shares what
makes our Patent-Pending, TUNE™ Liquid Concentrate, superior to all the competition!


Global Life Sciences, Inc. is going to be an amazing product driven company, with a direct sales component that will also allow people who are interested in doing so, to earn a weekly income by sharing these cutting edge life changing products with their friends and family.

My name is Eric Grant, and Iím an independent distributor for Global Life Sciences. Iíve spent over 25-years in the direct sales industry as a top global leader. Iíve evaluated many companies, but only joined a limited number. In my professional opinion, Iíve personally never seen a company with greater products, or more income potential than Global Life Sciences!

I love health, life, and freedom! If you have an interest in learning more about these amazing products, and what they can potentially do for your health and wealth, please contact me directly.

Please take a second to fill in your contact information below. When you click the SUBMIT button you will automatically be redirected to my Global Life Sciences website, where you can review the product, and order your Patent Pending, Water Soluble, TUNE™ Liquid Concentrate, "Full Spectrum Hemp Extract" product! Today can change your life! Find out for yourself why TUNE™ Liquid Concentrate, is Superior to all the competition!

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